Sneaky little manure spreader

I’m washing dishes when I notice somebody broke into my oatmeal boxes. My first clue something was wrong was shredded paper.

I thought that was weird until I realized the individual oatmeal packets had holes in them and oatmeal was missing.

“But we can’t have mice,” I think. “I haven’t seen any poop around the oatmeal boxes or on the counters.” Then I spot one little dropping. This is very odd, because usually mice poop every couples inches like fertilizer spreaders.

How in the world did we get the most sneaky mouse ever? We live in a house that has two cats and two dogs. Then I realized what the problem is.

Jasper is old and has cheese for brains. He saw a mouse once, looked at it, gently patty pawed it, and walked away. Besides, he sleeps all day except for when he is wandering around the house in an old man daze because he forgot why he went outside.

You would think our vicious one eyed Jack cat would feel insulted by an intruder in her house. Outside she litters the ground with dead varmints. When you walk out the back door in the morning, sometimes you have to do a funny dance to avoid stepping on any rodent bodies. One of us will finally get a shovel, line the bodies up like cord wood, and bring them out to the field for a proper burial. Unfortunately, Jack sleeps so hard when she’s indoors that the house could probably burn down around her and she wouldn’t notice. You could play the drums by her ear and she would barely open her eye to look at you.

My dog Edgar is no help because I don’t think he could see a mouse anyway.

Even if he could see a mouse he is too obsessed with making sure he is with me at all times. I believe he considers looking after me a full time job.

Aggie’s breeder told us they are great varmint dogs out in the field. But unless this mouse has a pet dog that it takes for walks, drives a UPS truck, or triggers any of her other stranger danger alerts, I guess she can’t be counted on for a mouse hunt.

Mostly I think Aggie is sleeping when the mouse is active. Everyone knows UPS vans don’t deliver at night. She must let down her guard while she protects the woodstove and lets the mouse do a polka dance on my counters.

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12 Responses to Sneaky little manure spreader

  1. Ron says:

    I wish I was somebody’s pet sometimes. 🙂

  2. Steven says:

    That’s a nice looking stove. What brand is it?

    • lee says:

      Ha! At first I thought you meant the rusting white electric stove with the mouse poop on it. 🙂

      The wood stove is a Lopi Endeavor stove. I talk about it a bit on this post. Overall, we are very happy with it.

  3. Benita says:

    At least you know where to place the mouse trap.

    • lee says:

      We’ve been trying some other locations first. Nobody wants a mouse trap on their counter top! 🙁

  4. I had a comment yesterday but my connection crapped out.

    I hate mice..when I was young we lived in an unfinished night in the fall as it was getting cold I woke up to a scratching sensation in my groinal area and whipped back the sheets as I turned the lights on..a mouse sitting on top of my underwear. Then when we bought our place it took a year to finish off the house before we the meantime I had put some things in to storage at the of the things being a bag of birdseed. When we got back in the spring the birdseed was gone..the bag was still there and the place was infested with mice..the place was only insulated and vapor barriered at the time..we would be sitting at night in the spring in the camp and you could see mice crawling through the insulation and when they would cross over a stud we would nail them..but it was a temporary solution..IN the end I ended up taking out all the insulation..I would cut the vapor barrier, seal off the area with 4×8 sheathing and start removing the the mice flopped out I would chase them one spot I removed the insulation and all of the birdseed from the bag poured must have taken quite some time to get 25kg of seed into that spot! IN the end it was Humans 24 – Mice 0. After that I went crazy with steel wool and expanding foam in any hole bigger than a pencil end. No problems since. We also made sure there is nothing the mice can get into for food..all things edible go into an inpenetrable storage box. If you have issues you can also try mint oil..supposedly that helps but I never had to go that far after the intial uprising. We got rid of all the tainted insulation and started fresh after that. My experience is that where you see 1 there are usually 10. I always worry about the hanta virus when I think of mouse droppings and urine..sure it is rare but it is just another reason to keep those vermin out..I also made a trap earlier that worked well..a bucket with 3 inches of water in it with grain in the water..leading up over the edge was a stick with the end having a piece of string on it that ended 4-5 inched above the water. the mice have bad vision but can smell the grain and when they jump off the end of the rope they drown.

    • robin says:

      If I ever had a mouse standing on my groinal area (hehe) there would be screaming and crying for the next half hour. We finally put a trap on the cook stove and we have caught two. They are coming up through the electric coil in the range. I’m not so happy about that because the kitchen redo isn’t planned for several years and now I am going to have to keep a trap up.

      When we first started ripping out the walls there would be whole hazel nuts rolling out everywhere. I think before the house was sold to us they did a mass poisoning so there was dead decaying bodies everywhere. It stank pretty bad. Well, there were so many mouse nests in the walls too that it didn’t help with the smell issue much either. I’ve lost count with how many mice we’ve killed since moving in. It’s slowed down a lot since we have been replacing and sealing everything as we go along.

  5. Phoebe says:

    What sweet puppies and kitties (well, Jack looks a little evil in that picture).
    Here on the Homestead I now keep anything edible in sealed glass jars. I wish I could say that we have stopped the mice from coming into our 2 sealed areas, and I thought maybe we had, since no traps had caught anything in a month. But the other day I had the door open because it was so nice out and turned to look out the door and saw a MOUSE RUN IN! It only took a day before he was in the trap, but it had never occurred to me that they would come up the steps and in the front door in broad daylight!
    And sadly, these days, we are not above putting a trap on the counter…

    • robin says:

      Oh no, not a mouse that actually ran into your house. Glad it got caught though. We have the trap on the counter now. I had been pretty happy as I thought we had escaped the mice in the kitchen for three years. Guess it was too good to be true.

  6. Snowbrush says:

    Pictures of your critters–how exciting. Aggie is BEAUTIFUL. She’s got a face that a person just wants to sit and stare at.

    “If I ever had a mouse standing on my groinal area (hehe) there would be screaming and crying for the next half hourd.”

    Oh, my god, you need to work on some kind of an invention that would insure it never happens. You could patent your invention; then alert people–through TV commercials–about the very real danger of mouse/groin encounters; then announce that it will be dirt cheap for the first 100 callers; and then scream, “But wait, there’s more! If you order within the next hour, we will include at no extra charge our fabulous ‘Cockroach, Stay Out of Sleeping People’s Mouths’ guard!” Tycoonville, here you come!

    • lee says:

      Yeah, I think Aggie is really pretty. She’s also completely content with staring back at you, especially if she thinks she is due for dinner.

      If you are going to sell it on TV, you’ll need some bad data that exaggerates the scope of the problem. “Over 10% of people have had a rodent/groin encounter in the last year, many without even knowing about it!” When I hear unsubstantiated statistics like those, I’m already reaching for my credit card …

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