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Fields of grass

With Lee’s tractor on holiday our fields are now officially out of control. Some of the grass is taller then me and I’m no shorty. Most of the grass is seeding out and it’s really quite beautiful. The fields have … Continue reading

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Little Cowhorn fire lookout

This post is a little different than our usual accounts of homesteading chaos. In parallel with our other summer projects, Lee and I have been working on getting in better shape. We have been doing a lot of hiking and … Continue reading

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A slow year for veggie gardening

We have been so incredibly busy that Lee hasn’t had time to hoe in the garden much or finish fixing the rototiller. He has been very stressed over the garden but I tell him no worries–we get done what we … Continue reading

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Stupid chickens

After we caught “Jake the egg eater,” the next day we caught two more chickens eating eggs. They were put in the box-o-shame. We got a previously cracked empty egg and filled it full of hot sauce and put it … Continue reading

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Chicken penitentiary

Something really annoying has been going on in the nesting boxes for the last three weeks. Eggs were being smashed left and right and the culprit(s) were proving hard to find. The nesting boxes were starting to reek from broken … Continue reading

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I went in to check on the goose before calling the wildlife rehabilitation center and all was not well. Our poor little goose didn’t make it. šŸ™

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Three new windows and a roof

The three windows in the front of our house were installed today. Lee is happy because he felt like our living room turned into a depressing bat cave with the OSB over the window openings. The garden shed was roofed … Continue reading

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Windows are overrated

For the last two days our house has looked like this: Don’t worry. We aren’t going to leave it like that! This front wall had foam insulation and new sheathing applied to the outside (because the front door position precludes … Continue reading

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What to do with an injured duck?

**Update: I found out it was a goose instead of a duck** I was out hanging laundry, feeling proud of myself for getting three loads done today, when someone pulled up. As I walk over to see what they wanted, … Continue reading

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