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My popcorn is growing!

My popcorn is getting tall and I didn’t even have to resort to kneeling on the ground to make it appear bigger. I am so giddy!

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Garden harvest basket

My neighbor gave me two baskets this spring for collecting garden vegetables. I love them and don’t know why I didn’t get something like them sooner!

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First sunflower of the summer

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Anybody want to sweep my floors for me?

I long for the days when I’ll have a barefoot sort of house.

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Pickled cauliflower and zucchini relish

Every gardener tends to get a few really big overlooked zucchinis in their garden. If you are a normal person and have an oven, then zucchini bread is a good use for these monsters. Since I don’t have an oven … Continue reading

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Sometimes chickens are just really annoying

When we got our original mix of hens two years ago, we felt like everything went pretty smooth with the process. This time, with our new batch of chickens, it seems like everything has gone wrong. I picked several new … Continue reading

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Onion woes

My vegetable garden is still chugging along. The broccoli is finishing up and I have cauliflower that needs harvested. None of my tomatoes have ripened yet except for a handful of cherry tomatoes. Lee’s hops look nice. Just looking at … Continue reading

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Garden shed update

The garden shed finally has all it’s shingles on. WOOHOO. Now, all we need to do is build the door and get the shed primed and painted. I think Lee’s old tractor is going to look pretty cute under it’s … Continue reading

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Building more corbels

I needed to build 7 corbels for the construction work we are having done. Three large corbels go on the front gable of the house. Four smaller corbels go on the new garden shed. The garden shed was built with … Continue reading

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Local cherries

I LOVE cherries! I love cherries so much that frequently you will see me in the grocery store looking longingly at them. Unfortunately, my practical side rarely lets me buy fruit which has been airmailed from the southern hemisphere for … Continue reading

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