Garden shed update

The garden shed finally has all it’s shingles on. WOOHOO. Now, all we need to do is build the door and get the shed primed and painted.

I think Lee’s old tractor is going to look pretty cute under it’s new tractor port.

Lee made corbels for the back of the shed too.

The house needs a few more shingles before we can call it done. Then it will be primer and paint time too.

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  1. Snowbrush says:

    It all looks great. I especially enjoyed the night-time photo and the reflection of you and Lee in the window in the final photo. It makes it appear that you’re not only on the outside looking in; you’re also on the inside looking out. You had better watch that because a person could get into an infinite regress that would result in a long and difficult journey back to ordinary reality.

    • lee says:

      Thanks. We’re enjoying the new look around here.

      Robin and I avoid holding mirrors when taking photos. We don’t want to get stuck in any infinite regressions..

  2. Benita says:

    Wow! Your shed is going to match your house. That is pretty cool and I’m jealous as all heck.

    • lee says:

      Yeah, that speaks either to my obsession with consistency or my lack of creativity. Perhaps both in equal measure? The shed has the same siding, roofing, and corbel design and will get the same paint scheme. It does, however, have shorter overhangs and probably won’t get gutters.

  3. Acute shed envy.

    It’s worth having a tractor just so you can say the words “tractor port.”

    • lee says:

      We debated on “tractor port.” Carport is named after the vehicle it contains, but oddly airport, seaport, and spaceport are all named after where the vehicles they contain spend the rest of their time.

      “Field port” is just so confusing though …

  4. ..I want to buy a froe to make my own shingles..should happen by 2015. Looks svelt! I being obtuse or is that acute shed? hehe..sorry, math joke…stole the punchline from Tamar.

    • lee says:

      Wow, you have plans for 2015? I’m not sure what I’m going to be doing this winter. ­čÖé

      A froe would be a neat tool and could save you a lot of money on shingles. I wonder if you need really big/old logs to make shingles. All the cedar I’ve split so far had too many small branch knots to split cleanly.

  5. Ann says:

    Frikkin’ awesome, you guys! The house looks amazing – construction flotsam and jetsam and all! Yeah, and garden shed envy, I think we’ve all got it LOL! Things are really coming along at your place!

    Now it begs to be asked if the table saw will make its way from the living room to the shed, or is this a dedicated “garden” shed?

    • lee says:

      Thanks! Yeah, we’re really happy with it. Robin decided the debris was detracting from her new shed, so she’s been cleaning up the mess. I’m going to be stocked on shims for years!!

      The table saw is indeed moving out to the “garden” shed. It’s really going to be catch-all storage for a while. This won’t make our living room “presentable,” but at least it will get rid of one 3′ by 5′ hunk of metal sitting in the middle of it.

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