My popcorn is growing!

My popcorn is getting tall and I didn’t even have to resort to kneeling on the ground to make it appear bigger. I am so giddy!

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  1. Ron says:

    Nice!! I’ve never tried popcorn before. Looks like you guys are getting a real nice harvest.

    We were actually looking at a “how it’s made” video today… I discovered a bunch last night. Here’s one on popcorn:

    • lee says:

      Yeah, we are pretty excited about it. Robin grew three different varieties, but there isn’t any sweet corn out there for it to cross with (badly) this time.

      I always liked those “How It’s Made” videos back when we had cable. I do have to disagree with them on one point though–I don’t think commercial popcorn varieties are ever bred for taste. ­čÖé

  2. Ann says:

    I second Ron’s comments – it looks like you’re getting a great harvest this year! Let us know how the popcorn turns out. I assume you take them off the cob and dry them?

    That video was too cool…I now need to resist watching all those “how it’s made” videos LOL…thanks for enabling me!

    Love the garden shed in the back-ground…you did that on purpose for us, didn’t you?

    • lee says:

      We grew popcorn once before and it tasted amazing! We’re growing more this time, but it’s still not the field I’d like to have of it. I’d never eat another snack food if we had bushels of homegrown popcorn.

      Last time we shucked the corn and then hung up the whole ears until dry. Then we shelled the corn and stored the kernels in airtight containers. It worked pretty well. I’ve read if you over-dry the kernels you can add a few drops of water to the sealed container and the moisture levels will equalize in a few days.

      Yeah, the shed in the background did play into selecting that picture over some of the others, but I was really happy with the lighting too.

  3. looks tasty. modern technology at work for you..popcorn right off the vine?! Do you need to wear oven mits when you pick it to prevent hot butter from burning you?

    I will stop now. I thought I looked you guys have an RSS link on the site..this is one of the only blogs I read that I fall behind on cause I use RSS to read all of my content..just is a huge time/bandwidth saving not having to go to a site to see if there are new posts..and I am somewhat bandwidth challenged.

    • lee says:

      If it’s hot enough to pop popcorn outside, we try to stay indoors. Not that it’s any cooler, but at least you can avoid the splattering oil.

      Yes, I use a feed reader exclusively to follow blogs too. Ours should be in the usual place for a WordPress site. At least, Firefox seems to find the RSS link for me automatically, but here’s a direct link if that’s helpful. Looks like we’re publishing RSS 2.0.

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