Onion woes

My vegetable garden is still chugging along. The broccoli is finishing up and I have cauliflower that needs harvested. None of my tomatoes have ripened yet except for a handful of cherry tomatoes.

Lee’s hops look nice. Just looking at them on their bines is making Lee want to brew some beer.

I harvested my onions finally. I think I actually pulled them a bit too late. Several things I read said to harvest onions when half of their tops fell over and there were soft spots a few inches above the bulbs. Mine never did that. The middle stalks started getting really hard and some of the bulbs started going soft and shrinking.

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8 Responses to Onion woes

  1. Snowbrush says:

    I used to smoke hops. Guess you’re not surprised, eh?

  2. Ali says:

    We are brewing a batch of blackberry wheat beer right now that uses our hops, and our blackberries. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

  3. Ann says:

    Your veggies look awesome! We had hops when we moved to the farm, but I don’t think they like our zone 5B much. I’ll have to look into their hardiness again. We have a lot of (good) micro-breweries around, so we get distracted…LOL.

    Maybe the onions are soft because of your rainy summer? Do you think you’ll be able to store some of them?

    And how’s the cuke situation – enough to ferment a vat of pickles?

    • lee says:

      Hops do great here, but ours had a rough year. I only got around to fertilizing and setting up a trellis for half of them, so the others barely made a showing. We were a little late on the water too.

      The summer probably played into it. We’ve never had a decent onion crop to compare it to. I don’t think there are enough onions to store, and the ones we’ve used so far are hollow, but otherwise fine.

      I keep asking Robin about her cucumber plans. I suspect we’ll try for some pickles this week if the crop keeps up.

  4. Ron says:

    Onions here have always been a mixed bag. Some of them do well, but they never store well in this humidity, so the sooner we get them chopped up and into the fridge or salsa the better.

    Yours look great though, guys. A whole lot bigger than mine got, thanks to weeds galore. I’d blame that on my appendix, but I think I done wore the excuse plumb out. ­čÖé

    Your place is looking great. One of these days, the construction phase will end. It’s a glorious thing, although getting motivated to finish the last few details is my handicap.


  5. lee says:

    I hadn’t thought about it like that, but salsa or spaghetti sauce is a great way to store onions too. I’ve heard that onions store pretty well here in fresh form. One of these years I hope we’ll have a crop that’s actually worth storing!

    I’m amazed our onions got that big. They were put in way too late, but we did manage to keep the weeds down. Our previous attempts have been late and weedy.

    Thanks. It’s neat to see a few projects around here starting to mature. Robin is in love with the hops trellis we made from a cattle panel. Hops grow thick and lush and better each year. By next year it should look like something from a fancy ornamental garden.

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