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Crooked chicken toes

While out in the chicken pen I noticed a hen who had crooked toes. None of the other chickens seem to have this issue. I tried to research crooked chicken toes, but most of the information I found addresses this … Continue reading

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The ugly side of perfection

Lee and I live on a road where most of the houses have manicured yards and paved driveways. A few weeks back one of our neighbors had his driveway resurfaced. This may sound all fine and dandy, but things go … Continue reading

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Summer vegetable garden

Lee and I weren’t expecting much out of our summer vegetable garden. We planted everything so ridiculously late, that we should have been happy with three tomatoes and a cucumber. Well, the summer isn’t over yet, and we are starting … Continue reading

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Old toy safe

Last month I was cleaning out the shack shed some more. I came upon an antique toy safe that we had stored in the shed three years ago when we were doing the major cleanup after we bought our house. … Continue reading

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