Blackberry peach jam and blackberry syrup

I HATE picking blackberries with a passion. Lee tried to have me pick blackberries last year but he gave up after some massive whining from my part. It went along the lines of, “It’s too hot. The berries are all moldy. The berries won’t pull off good. It’s too hot. The berries are too small. The mosquitoes are eating me. It’s too hot. The thorns are poking me. I’m not doing it any more!”

This year I really wanted some blackberry jam so I talked myself into walking out to our field to assess the blackberry state. The weather was cool, no mosquitoes in sight, and the blackberries were big. I picked berries until I filled my pot.

This was my first jam making experience. All 10 half pints of blackberry-peach jam jelled up which made me quite pleased. What I am going to do with 10 half pints I don’t know, as that is an awful lot of jam. I’ve already given one away and have similar plans for a few more of them.

After making the jam I still had half of my berries left so I decided to make some blackberry syrup. Six pints of syrup later (and some left over in a jar) a brilliant idea occurred to me. Blackberry mojitos! They were fabulous! Now all I need to do is make some pancakes to go with my mojito.

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  1. Ali says:

    Yum, love the mojito idea. How about blackberry lime ice cream…. MMMMMMMM!

  2. Snowbrush says:

    We usually pick blackberries for the freezer, but for some reason it didn’t happen this year, and I’m sure going to miss them.

  3. When visiting my grandmother as a child in the summer we always had 1 of 2 jobs to do..either help bail/load hay or pick berries for jam…I always went for the wonder since we got to ride on top after we had a full load for the barn. I love jam and I love berries but I hate blackberries and raspberries. In my opinion someone messed up on the creation side of life on Earth when they made a berry that was crunchy and gets stuck in your teeth…it is like eating the berry version of wholegrain bread…GROSS. I actually had the same hate on for blueberries growing up after too many poorly stemmed blueberry pies as a child..and while not on the subject I hated spinach for years after finding a slug in my meal 2 summers in a row…I cannot think of any more fear related phobias I have..sorry. Oops, Cheerios…nothing ruins Cherrios like a silverfish ( insect ) in the last spoonful…they were renamed Barfe-oos forever more after that.

    Those mojotos on the other hand I could deal with…I don’t mind raspberry flavor..or rum. Not trying to be a hater or anything..the jam looks really good and your penmanship is excellent…the blue pen really brings out the raspberry color. hehe. I bet it tastes great!

    • robin says:

      I don’t know why having seeds in your teeth bother you so much. 🙂 Lee hates seedy sorts of things too but I actually like the crunch. I’m in love with pomegranates come winter. Lee would rather jump off a bridge then eat all those seeds. haha. I haven’t had slugs in my spinach but I have had slugs in my salad before. Yucky. You have me beat on silverfish in the Cheerios. Barf-oo’s is right!

      Ah ha! You told me I had good penmanship! That is the first time someone has ever told me that. Those 5 minutes I spent trying not to squiggle my lines finally paid off. Bawhaha. Luck of the hat that I used a blue pen instead of my red one. Man, that would have really clashed.

  4. Benita says:

    Well, 10 half-pints would like exactly 10 weeks around here. 🙂 Think homemade bread! Yum!!!

    • robin says:

      Yum, homemade bread. Though, when I get homemade bread I always go for melted butter on it instead. Boy, now I’m getting hungry all over again.

  5. Buck says:

    Hi Robin. Congratulation on the jam. I love making jam, and as a committed almond butter and jelly sandwich kind of guy, I go through quite a lot of it. One thing I don’t like is canning in the summer, when it is already hot enough. (OK, this year that would not have been a problem, but in a normal summer…) I have developed the habit of freezing my berries then making jam in the winter. The first time, I made marionberry jam and homemade bread a few days after Christmas. The kids were home, the house was warm, and it was delicious. I have a freezer full of berries now, and need to decide when to can them this year.

    One more thing: I love my marionberry plants. For about 10 years I have been growing several plants on a 12′ trellis. They are my absolute favorites, and I know summer is truly here when I get my first warm berry on my cereal in the morning.

    • robin says:

      Buck, that is such a good idea about freezing the berries and then canning them later. It was an odd year in that most days when I canned it was pretty cool instead of hot. That doesn’t happen very often.

      We just tried almond butter this year and oh my is that stuff good. Forget peanut butter! I’ve never had marionberries before. You must like them better then blackberries I assume if you have been growing them for 10 years? I know that they are a cultivar of blackberries, but with those Himalayan blackberries running rampant on our property I hate the thought of planting more.

  6. Ann says:

    I’m with my fellow Canuck – those seeds in the raspberries – is that a great big cosmic joke or what? But I eat raspberry jam, go figure. And I’m with you on picking them…we would be the whiniest team of raspberry pickers ever! I’ve never tried your combo of raspberries with peaches but it sounds great. If you’re a beer drinker, try your raspberry syrup in beer, it’s amazing! (Although I would go for one of those mojitos right about now!)

    • lee says:

      The problem might be that blackberries have had very little selective breeding, given that they are generally a weed. We humans have gotten used to the convenience of someone else spending thousands of years selecting for the largest fruit and the least annoying seeds.

      Blackberry & peach jam is delicious! Blackberry & beer … I’m suspicious of that one. I don’t much like fruit in my beer, although it does sounds like a good way to tempt Robin into drinking some. 🙂

  7. Buttons says:

    That looks so delicious. B

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