Inside out pumpkin pie

I picked up the book The Kitchen Gardener’s Handbook at the Borders going out of businesses sale about a month ago. It’s kind of an odd mix of potager garden layouts (which I find interesting) and vegetable profiles (which I don’t). Scattered throughout are recipes and one in particular caught my eye: Inside Out Pumpkin Pie. With a title like that, how can anyone not be intrigued? I decided to put my new convection toaster oven and some of the Jack Be Little pumpkin harvest to use.

After I chopped off their pumpkin heads and scooped out their guts, I filled them full of the pie filling.

I hate to say this, but I felt very Martha Stewart’ish while making these. They were that cute.

They didn’t taste quite like pumpkin pie but they were good. It was a delicious fall sort of comfort food.

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7 Responses to Inside out pumpkin pie

  1. Ann says:

    Cute! Did you use the scooped Jack-be-little flesh in the pie filling? I don’t have any experience with them, don’t know if they’re fleshy or have lots ‘o seeds?

    • robin says:

      The recipe didn’t call for any of the flesh to be put back into it. The center was like a spiced custard and the walls of the pumpkin got soft so you could eat it mixed together.

  2. looks it is a good way to use up those small pumpkins! If you want to be Stewartesque you need some garnish on that plate..presentation is 1/3 of a meal afterall! hehe

  3. Phoebe says:

    I feel the same way about our tiny camp oven. It makes life so wonderful in the fall and winter. I have been baking everything in a dutch oven in the oven these days. Suddenly I can make a pot of beans without burning them on the bottom! Nice and low maintanance, cooks while I work outside and the flavor is superior to stove-top cooked beans.
    Those are cute seip nikpmup. Muy!

  4. Meska says:

    Hey Robin, any chance you could give away your secret of temperature? I may or may not have nearly set my house on fire with my last batch. I was baking them at 300, and the pumpkin seared much quicker than the pie itself cooked.

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