Stupid yellow jacket

I got stung by a yellow jacket on my leg while I was mowing today. I thought it was inside my pants and I was about a hair’s breadth away from tearing them off and running willy-nilly in my underpants to the house. The only thing that stopped me was my fear of being stung more (I could care less about the neighbors). Lee came to see what I was crying about (yeah I’m a girlie wimp) as he thought I had run over my foot with the mower. He assessed there were no bees in my pants, so I belted them back up and limped my way pitifully back to the house.

I’ve read that baking soda can ease bee stings. (I have a book that insists that baking soda cures everything.) It didn’t seem to do anything for me, other than made it awkward to scratch.

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  1. haha..I mean I hope you are OK. Having been stung numerous times I know the feeling ‘..oh my god someone just shot me with something..’ you think as you run in a random direction trying to get away from the hornet that you cannot see yet. I have been stung in the ear before while driving a motorcycle as a hornet makes its way past my nose and in between my helmet and my hair…which is rare because usually hornets and bees prefer to smash into my nose going 120kph..ever try to run away from a hornet when driving a’s difficult…and dangerous. hehe

    • robin says:

      I would just crash if I had a bee sting me while driving a motorcycle. I tried to get Lee to buy me a motorcycle with a side cart (so I could ride in the side cart and not crash) but I couldn’t convince him. I cant even imagine the freaking out I would do with a bee stuck in my helmet! Eeeks!!

  2. Ann says:

    Owie. That sucks. It’s time to buy a Therapik. Seriously.

    And I have the same book you have – only mine says apple cider vinegar cures everything LOL…

    Hope the swelling has gone down and that you’re no longer suffering. Take it easy – no more lawn mowing for a week.

    • robin says:

      Hey, I think I may have that vinegar book too. 😀 Both of those books are packed away in one of our book boxes from our move three years ago.

      I’ve never heard of Therapik before. Do you have one?

      The bee sting area is finally going down. It looks like a have a massive bruise at the moment and the itching is driving me insane. Nothing seems to work for me. GRRRR!

      • Ann says:

        Oh yeah, I have a Therapik! I get wicked reactions to mosquitoes, deer flies (bane of my existence) and pretty much anything that can sting or bite, so I carry my Therapik around with me all the time. It sounds like a snake oil pitch on their website, but it really does work.

        Do you have any place you can get French green clay from? That would probably help the itching a lot.

  3. Scott says:

    Antihistamines are your friend in cases like this, they’ll help keep the allergic reaction to a minimum.

  4. Phoebe says:

    Indeed Scott, Benadryl will help enormously. If you want to feel better about your sting, read about my sting

    • robin says:

      Wow, that is quite the experience. I’m so glad that you were talking to your friend and she was able to call for help for you. How scary.

      I didn’t have any sort of reaction like that. My sting swelled up about the size of my hand and turned red and puffy with a red halo around that. The most frustrating thing about it has been that nothing seemed to help. I tried baking soda, tree tea oil, benadryl, benadryl itch relief stick, and cortazone 10. Hopefully soon the intense itching will stop because I am about to tear my leg off! 🙂

  5. Benita says:

    We grew up putting mud on the stings. I don’t remember if it helped or not… 😉

    • I hear if you put a cup of peanut butter on it and leave it for 4 days untouched and walk through all doors backwards your sting will be you can bake some rancid peanut butter cookies with the poultice. ..although if after 2 days the itch is not gone apply 3/4 of a cup of mayo, walk sideways through all doors and sleep with your head at the footboard of the bed…wait a second..forget it that is my recipe for removing witches curses..sorry!

      • lee says:

        In our house, that’s a recipe for getting mauled by dogs. Our dogs love peanut butter, and Robin’s dog gets upset if you turn around in circles or walk backwards or do other odd things (he has some “issues”), so they would probably just knock us over and then lick all the peanut butter off.

        What’s dog saliva a cure for?

    • lee says:

      I suspect it depends on the quality if the mud. A clay mud might act like the green clay treatment, whereas our mud is mostly sand and wouldn’t really stick to you very well.

  6. Snowbrush says:

    Meat tenderizer and wet snuff are both said to do wonders for bee and wasp stings, although I only have experience with the latter.

    • robin says:

      Hmm, that is interesting. I don’t have either of those things in my house so I guess it wouldn’t have helped me any. Now I want to try a wet snuff poultice because it sounds funny. 🙂

  7. Lynn says:

    I had a beesting over the summer – it was a small black wasp. It BURNT like the dickens during and after the sting. After about 10 min it was ok. luckily it didn’t itch at all!

    • robin says:

      Lucky you. I hate getting stung with a passion. It had been a few years so I guess it was bound to happen. Now it’s Lee’s turn to get stung.

  8. Pam says:

    So sorry to hear of your misadventure with the yellow jackets. (Got here via ‘link clickin’ from “Starving Off The Land”

    Without knowing it … I went to the dumpster, shortly after the big ole truck had emptied it. Also unknown to me … there were yellow jacket nests in the “holds” where the truck sticks it’s prongs to lift the dumpster over-head for emptying.

    Needless to say those yellow jackets were MIGHTY upset at the time.

    Without even being able to get close enough to ditch my single “grocery store size” bag of trash, I got stung about 6 times before I could get back into my Bravada!

    I had the same experience … EVERY SINGLE STING SITE ITCHED!

    Being a Nurse with Homesteading and Co-Op experience …. I thought I had an arsenal at hand. ~sigh~ Not so much. I tried everything I knew. NOTHING worked. I just itched for at least a couple of weeks.

    Grateful that none of the sites became infected … because I really scratched at a couple of them … which of course prolonged healing at those particular sites.

    • robin says:

      Oh my, that sounds awful!!!! I feel bad complaining about my one yellow jacket sting now. It took a good week before I stopped wanting to tear my leg off. I was amazed at how much it itched and hurt. It took over two weeks before the discoloration went away. Who knew that getting a sting would look like a huge bruise.

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