Lovey dovey moovy groovy with a touch of danger

Our slightly lame one eyed adopted stray cat Jack has turned into a deadly weapon. She has reliably been leaving one rodent a day by our back porch to show she is earning her keep. She doesn’t bring them all home either (we find the bodies strewn about our fields too). During the past few weeks, her back porch donations have increased substantially. When I took the dogs out for a walk this morning, I found four mice between our house and the field!

Jack hunts all night and then sleeps on our bed during the day. When she is standing on me in morning purring furiously and rubbing, I try not to think about where else that face has been.

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  1. Ron says:

    I love cats… yesterday, I looked out the window and the cute cuddly one was sauntering down the driveway with a vole swinging in his mouth. Not just a pretty face!

    Now I just need them to go on workshop patrol… opened my toolbox and found an enormous packrat nest yesterday too, and a glove that donated it’s middle finger to the cause.

    • lee says:

      Yes, cats are on odd mix of cute and deadly. Your orange cat is really pretty. He was probably less cute with the vole, but it’s hard to complain.

      Your workshop comments are a good reminder. We keep forgetting to put a couple mouse traps in the shed. I’m not sure if mice can get in under the door, but given it’s not a bank vault they probably can.

  2. Ali says:

    Go Jack!! A beautiful kitty well worth her keep. Methinks you should plant some catnip next spring.

    We keep our kitties inside, and they do catch the occasional mousie that has made its way inside, but in general they are a slothful lot. I think they need to go on a hunting vacation in the barn and garden shed.

    • lee says:

      Most of our cats have been unaffected by catnip. We haven’t tested it on Jack yet though.

      My cat fills the slothful role around here. He probably thinks age gives him an excuse (he’s 17), but I doubt he was ever very dangerous. The only thing that quakes in fear around Jasper is a perfectly filled bowl of cat food.

  3. Ann says:

    Jack’s a real killin’ machine. Good Jack, good girl! I have the same feeling about my snipers when the come for some head-butts – just where have they been, and what have they been munching on? Mine leave the gallbladder and tail littered around. Charming.

    I have friends who adopted a one-eyed, declawed cat. Cracker was a stray who set off the alarm in a bank. They have no clue how the cat found its way into the bank – hence her name, Cracker (get it? LOL), but they adopted her and brought her home. Cracker had a little bell put around her neck, was given access to a fenced-in yard, and even with no claws and one eye, she took birds right out of the sky. Remarkable creatures, these cats.

    Have a good New Year. All the best. Keep on plugging away and posting about your collective adventures.

    • lee says:

      Jack has just recently discovered that mice are tasty, and that seems to have contributed to the increased body count. When she first started hunting we would find mice with no visible damage. I’m not looking forward to the gallbladders and tails stage, if that’s in the future.

      That’s a pretty amazing story about Cracker. I’m thankful that Jack rarely catches a bird.

      Thanks! I hope you have a great new year as well! We’re going to get back to blogging more regularly in the next couple weeks I think.

  4. Leigh says:

    LOL. Our Riley does the same thing. If I don’t get up though, he’s taken to giving me a poke in the mouth with his paw. I think about where else that paw might have been and it never fails to get my up, pronto!

    • lee says:

      It’s funny that our pets develop just as many strategies for controlling us as we do for controlling them. “Who trains who” is perhaps a valid question for dogs. For cats, I think it’s a given that they have the upper hand. When Jack wants outside she starts with obvious hints, like sitting by the front or back door. If that doesn’t work, she ratchets up the crazy until she gets tossed out one of them. 🙂

  5. Hats off to a bad-ass cat. We had to put ours down last year (kidney failure, at 17), and we miss her. The chipmunks, though, are still partying.

    • robin says:

      Aw, thats sad. Bad-ass cats are the best. We have so many squirrels around here that our cats ignore them. They like taunting the dogs though. 😀

  6. Lynn says:

    Jack is awesome!!! We brought in a black stray we named Bobby around Thanksgiving time. Right now he is taking the Christmas tree down piece by piece. I guess it’s time I took it down, huh! Bobby is young, a teenager, and he never stops playing ever. I’m about ready to throw him out! 🙂

  7. Phoebe says:

    We had a cat with the same wild attitude. He would catch mice in the winter and arrange them in a neat circle in the front path, all frozen in varying action poses. Then when the weather would start to defrost they would disappear one by one like so many mousey popsicles.
    He once thanked me for (accidentally) leaving him a chick in his bedroom by saving me a foot and the liver, neatly arranged on the door mat. Yum!

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