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Front of our 1937 farm house is finished

Three years ago when we bought our house it was seriously lacking in the curb-appeal department. After the initial “cute!” impression wore off, you quickly realized that the deck was out of level, the front window was broken, there was … Continue reading

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Last minute painting frenzy

This past May we hired out some work on our house. The original estimate was that it would take about one week to finish. Well, October rolled around and the project still wasn’t finished. Lee and I have been rather … Continue reading

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Stupid yellow jacket

I got stung by a yellow jacket on my leg while I was mowing today. I thought it was inside my pants and I was about a hair’s breadth away from tearing them off and running willy-nilly in my underpants … Continue reading

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Punker didn’t make it

Early this morning we checked on Punker and found that she had died. Lee brought her outside to do a chicken autopsy so we could figure out what had lodged in her crop. It was then that he realized that … Continue reading

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Chicken with an impacted crop

My daily walk to the chicken pen turned out more eventful then usual today. Punker was laying on the ground looking mostly dead. I brought her into the house and we set up a re-cooperation pen for her. While looking … Continue reading

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Popcorn in technicolor

The rain stopped for a few days, so we decided it was now or never to harvest our popcorn. The weather can go downhill quickly at this time of year. Given the late start, a lot of the corn hadn’t … Continue reading

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Inside out pumpkin pie

I picked up the book The Kitchen Gardener’s Handbook at the Borders going out of businesses sale about a month ago. It’s kind of an odd mix of potager garden layouts (which I find interesting) and vegetable profiles (which I … Continue reading

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I can bake!

The title of this post may seem a little silly, until you realize I don’t have an oven. When we moved into our house three years ago, the first thing we did was cut the electric and gut most of … Continue reading

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Autumn in the garden

The rains have come to Oregon and our summer garden is winding down. Saturday was the last dry day, so it was time for us to harvest produce, remove dead plants, and roll up the drip hoses. All my squash … Continue reading

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Blackberry peach jam and blackberry syrup

I HATE picking blackberries with a passion. Lee tried to have me pick blackberries last year but he gave up after some massive whining from my part. It went along the lines of, “It’s too hot. The berries are all … Continue reading

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