Nice weather makes our house sulk

Last week our little corner of the Northwest enjoyed a long stretch of beautiful days that belied the early February date. It was the sort of warm and sunny weather that makes you feel obligated to drop all those pressing indoor projects and go outside to find something (anything?) to do instead. In my case, I settled on cleaning up some of the mess that has accumulated this winter: weathered boards from past projects, fallen limbs, blackberry vines, etc.

After putting an arm full of brush into the burn barrel I ran my fingers through my hair and found a SLUG! Who in the world gets slugs in their hair?!? Hopefully it has happened to someone else out there and I’m not the only one. Slug hair is not soon forgotten! That evening after a shower I was tugging at my hair when I realized the crusty spot was a slug trail. Yuck! 🙁

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  1. haha..gross. I have found slugs in the boiled spinach on my plate multiple times as a kid at my grandmothers…I stopped getting slugs in my spinach at my grandmothers when I refused to eat spinach at my grandmothers. I was also off Cheerios for 20 years after finding silverfish in my last spoonful of cheerios 2 times in 1/2 year when I was 10…

    We used to use a burn barrel just like that..until my neighbor came over when I was using it to burn brush and scrap. He asked me ‘what are you doing?’ which seemed evident to me..I explained that I was burning scrap…to which he replied “Yeah, but why like that?”..he then demonstrated his 70 year old method of burning brush to me. Here it is: a) make sure the ground is wet..the best time to burn is spring and fall when everything is wet. b) light scrap and brush on fire on the ground c) keep on piling the brush and scrap on until it is gone

    LIterally within 1/2 hour we had all of our brush and scrap gone..including a loveseat pullout bed and (Spanish Inquisition type) comfy chair he threw on. Now my favorite thing on cold winter days is to start a fire to burn any ‘scrap’ I can..( last week was 2 old down pillows and a down matress cover with a pile of scrap that somebody made me take when I was taking a bike out of someones garbage and they came out to try to sell me a woodchipper..yes odd ( I took all the garbage from him cause it seemed like the only way to get out of the conversation with him) but in my area if you start a fire then a party usually starts up so you need to be careful that you have enough beer in hand in case guests show up!

    Needless to say if you have neighbors this method might not be the way to go! hehe..looks like the weather has turned for the worse looks really warm there!

    • lee says:

      I had that same experience with as a kid, but it was with Raisin Bran. Yum .. more protein. I can see how slugs would be hard to get out of spinach. We’ve brought in a lot of them on brussel sprouts, but they are at least a little easier to see on those.

      Oh, we have the big blazing brush piles too. For example: here and here and here and here. Last year when we had a mountain of cedar shingles to burn we started using the burn barrel so there wouldn’t be a million rusting nails all over the ground. Since then we’ve used the burn barrel whenever we had boards with nails to burn or everything was too soaked to start a decent fire directly. There are still many more big blazing brush piles in our future though.

      The good weather didn’t last. It poured down rain all day today and the nighttime temps have fallen.

  2. Benita says:

    I washed a quilt once and laid it out on the lawn to dry in the sun – and when I went to get it, there were slugs on the back with trails everywhere on it. I washed it again and hung it on the line the next time. Ewwww!

  3. Phil says:

    We’re moving back East from Colorado this summer. Where we live now has no, or at least next to no slugs. This is a good reminder that I’ll be facing a whole new group of pests soon! (Slugs, Japanese beetles, poison ivy/oak, etc… ) 🙁

  4. Ann says:

    I’ve gotten slugs in my hair, in fact, it happens so regularly when I work in the garden that now you’re making me think that something is wrong with me LOL. Or maybe it happens more often than you think, but this is the first time you’ve noticed? (Sorry for fueling your neurosis!)

    Do you have ticks there? They’re the WORST MOST DISGUSTING THINGS EVER.

    We had a really bad year for them about 5 years ago. I don’t remember how many times I was bitten, but they’re super-gross. One day I found one on me at work, and I literally ran screaming down the hall to the bathroom, shedding pieces of clothing as I went. Ugh.

    Still makes me shudder LOL.

    • robin says:

      That is a common occurrence for you?!? Oh my. LOL. I will quite often track in baby slugs that hitch a ride on my boots. Edgar will even have baby slugs hitch a ride on his poofy leg fur. I was slightly grossed out because the slug I got in my hair was a bigger slug then the usual baby slugs.

      We do have ticks here but we have never been bothered by them yet. I would so do the screaming tearing off clothes things too. They ARE super gross. I’m getting the willies just thinking about them.

  5. There are two kinds of people in the world. The kind that get slugs in their hair, and the kind that don’t get slugs in their hair. The way I see it, if you never get a slug in your hair you’re just not pushing the envelope.

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