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Teeny tiny egg

I found one small egg in among the regular eggs. It weighed 9 grams and had a tiny yolk in it. I gave this egg away to a friend as a joke, and when they cracked it open they said … Continue reading

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Burning electric poles

We ran out of dry wood but the weather is still having cold days where it spits snow. None of it ever stays around, but it makes the house cold. Firewood can be hard to find this late in the … Continue reading

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Bug hiding in plain sight

I have no idea what it is but it blended in well with the cabinets.

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Chickens on the move

After I listed our 9 old hens on craigslist I cleaned out their chicken coop. I shoveled out all the deep litter and removed the straw from the nesting boxes. All of that went into my garden beds. We wanted … Continue reading

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Quick kitchen spruce up

A couple weeks ago I was glumly staring at the filthy walls in our kitchen. We don’t want to put much effort and time into fixing up the kitchen since the whole thing will be gutted in a couple more … Continue reading

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Spring is coming

Plants are blooming outside. I guess that means warm weather and longer days are on the way.

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