Chickens on the move

After I listed our 9 old hens on craigslist I cleaned out their chicken coop. I shoveled out all the deep litter and removed the straw from the nesting boxes. All of that went into my garden beds. We wanted to move the Lakenvelder/Auracana flock from the small chicken pen into the garden pen. Their chicken pen had run out of green grass and the garden pen always has plenty.

Next, I sprayed down the coop with a livestock bug spray. This wasn’t something that I was keen on, but since I was moving a new flock into the coop I wanted to cover all my bases and give them a healthy start. Ever since we had a bug outbreak in that coop I’ve been a little paranoid. We also have wild birds (which can spread bugs) that will fly in the coop to eat food out of the chicken feeder. I waited a few days after spraying before we moved the flock into the coop.

They have been loving their new pen with all the tasty greenery. The Lakenvelder breed cracks me up because I will see all 7 of them zoom back and forth like little road runners from one end of the pen to the other. All the other hens look like lumbering fatties trying to keep up with them. The whole flock also frequently runs up to the fence line by the road because they think the neighbors are going to feed them corn. I don’t think their hopes are every fulfilled.

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4 Responses to Chickens on the move

  1. Snowbrush says:

    I guess you sold them pretty easily since you only listed them four days ago. Craigslist is really a darn good resource.

    • robin says:

      Those were the old hens snowbrush. I never did sell these ones. I have a neighbor who wants to do a chicken swap for a couple Lakenvelders. I am really happy I may be getting rid of a few. ­čÖé

  2. lyssa says:

    I know you didn’t like that breed, but dang they are pretty, especially on that green grass!

    • robin says:

      They are really pretty. You can tell they are a foraging breed because they are always out rain or shine. Our old hens wouldn’t go out if it was too sunny or too rainy. Conditions had to be just right for their pampered chicken butts. ­čÖé

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