Teeny tiny egg

I found one small egg in among the regular eggs. It weighed 9 grams and had a tiny yolk in it. I gave this egg away to a friend as a joke, and when they cracked it open they said it had the consistency like jelly. I don’t think tiny eggs are a trend that will catch on.

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  1. Snowbrush says:

    You know something I really enjoy about your eggs is that they come in different colors.

    • robin says:

      They are pretty. I remember as a child hating brown eggs from my parents chickens and only wanting the store bought white eggs. Now I’m used to brown and green eggs and when I see a white egg it startles me.

  2. becky3086 says:

    There is a name for the little eggs but I forgot what they are called. I have had it happen to me several times now and I also had an egg inside an egg. I would have never believed that one if I hadn’t seen it myself.

  3. Stevie says:

    Hmmm, we call those tiny eggs that pullets lay or the hens lay if they’ve been stressed or shocked “wind” eggs. But they don’t have a yolk in them, just the clear jelly. Don’t know what it’s called if it has a yoke???? Stevie@ruffledfeathersandspilledmilk.com

  4. Dana Eckhoff says:

    I have gotten my first “tiny” egg today, which we found inside the rabbit hutch ­čÖé
    The rabbit hutch is underneath the chicken nest box, and must have rolled into the
    rabbit hutch. I have 4 cross females and one rooster cross. They are now all 7 months old and I have from day one kept them on 16% laying crumbles from day one. They are all very friendly and act like the family dog, following us around the yard. They are also very big, almost the size of a female turkey, but would not hesitate to get more when they time comes!!!!

    • lee says:

      Yes, it’s always fun to find the first eggs from new hens. They do get larger over time, but the first ones seem like songbird eggs. Even after they reach normal production, you can still occasionally get glitched eggs, such as this super-tiny one.

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