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Glorious gardening

Lee got his new rototiller out and started breaking ground in the garden last weekend. It’s amazing how much more ground you can prepare when you aren’t turning the sod over by hand. Our garden hasn’t looked this good since … Continue reading

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Adding to the BCS family

About a year ago, we bought a used BCS 830 tiller off Craigslist. It was a typical used-market purchase for me: I paid too much for something which ultimately had too many problems. It will be an excellent little tractor … Continue reading

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Chicken coop upgrade

Before we left on vacation we made a small upgrade to the chicken coop. We had seen a flock of wild turkeys in our field and we didn’t want the annoying buzzards cleaning out the chicken feeders in one day. … Continue reading

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Spring brings lots to do

During this past weekend and early week, Lee and I were happily busy with outdoor chores. Then I got a bloody cold, and we have been cooling our heels and watching the rain pour down. Evil the rooster had his … Continue reading

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Planting vintage garden seeds

I’ve made it a goal this year to use up old vegetable seed. I’m sowing it pretty thick since some of it is ancient and germination rates should be down. If nothing sprouts or it all rots in the rain … Continue reading

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The world exploded while we were away on vacation

Lee and I just returned from almost three weeks on the east coast. We had a few blog entries which auto-posted while we were gone, but it was harder to keep up with comments. Sorry if it seemed like we … Continue reading

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