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Vegetable garden soil fertility

This past winter we spread chicken manure compost on two beds in the garden. As a result, we are seeing a huge difference in these beds compared to past years. For example, the picture below is the biggest and most … Continue reading

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Pointless pictures of chickens

“Fear me, for I am big, fluffy, and full of grand rooster wisdom!” “What’s that gasbag going on about?” “Is it safe to come out? I heard gasbag talking about tigers ripping our heads off again.” “Hey girls, look at … Continue reading

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Did anyone catch the eclipse on Sunday?

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Twisted chick beak

The first batch of chicks we bought at the farm store had 3 mystery chicks that I bought for half price. After we got the chicks home I noticed one of the mystery chicks had a twisted beak. We both … Continue reading

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Rabbit sighting

Lee and I had just finished unloading 20 sheets of drywall when I took a walk around the side of our house. I turned the corner and let out a shriek. Our half blind cat Jack had been hunting and … Continue reading

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Future little gardener

On Wednesday my little great-nephew came over. I babysit him regularly, and today we went out to the vegetable garden. He had fun helping out, so maybe next year we will have to get him his own little patch to … Continue reading

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Warm days in the garden

The last couple weeks have been non-stop busy around our place. When the warm weather arrives suddenly I can find a million things to do outside rather than vacuum the house. I have been mowing, pulling ivy, painting the chicken … Continue reading

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Installing sheep wool insulation batts

Three years ago we bought some sheep wool insulation from Oregon Shepherd. The product was actually made in New Zealand, and a couple local farmers had imported a shipping container full of it and stored it in their barn. At … Continue reading

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