Broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage

All our broccoli is coming in at once. So far this week I have made a delicious broccoli-bacon-mushroom quiche and a bacon-broccoli-cheese soup. Tonight I made 16 broccoli calzones and put them in the freezer for future dinners. My friend made some amazing looking broccoli parmesan fritters that I want to try cooking next. I’ve told Lee that next year we need a whole row dedicated to broccoli instead of only 6 plants like what I have now. I am also going to stagger plantings and varieties so they will come in at different times rather than all at once.

Some of my cabbages are looking big. How do you know when it is the right time to harvest them? I really want to get started on a batch of sauerkraut while the weather is still cool.

Along with a whole row of broccoli next year, I also want a whole row of cauliflower. The heads for our current crop are starting to show, but I think they need a few more days before they are ready. I am looking forward to some roasted cauliflower. What we don’t eat immediately I will probably pickle. Last year I made one batch of pickled cauliflower, but I think I will experiment with new recipes this year.

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