Cold temperatures bring an end to the garden season

The nighttime temperatures finally dropped low enough that it toasted the squash vines, the pepper plants, and the tomato plants. I can’t believe it is October already and fall is here. It’s been so mild and dry that it seemed like summer was never going to end.

It was a warm summer for Oregon, but it still ended with an abundance of green tomatoes lost on the vine. The tomato below is a San Marzano. It is apparently the ideal Italian sauce tomato, but it seems to require an Italian-length summer to ripen.

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2 Responses to Cold temperatures bring an end to the garden season

  1. Ann says:

    I dunno, something about a pumpkin field after the first frost always puts a smile on my face. All those little pumpkins coming out of hiding…

    Or, maybe it’s just me?

    We just had our first big frost a few nights ago, and (gasp!) flurries this afternoon. We’re hovering at 28F right now, and after our fabulous summer, it’s a real smack in the face.

    • robin says:

      Wow, that was fast. A frost and then straight into snow. Here I was feeling sad about the rain that started tonight for us.

      We brought in all the squash before the rain tonight. I had everything piled out in the garden and it was so cheerful looking. I love the bright orange color pumpkins are as they seem so fall and festive.

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