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Lee and I woke up this morning to a chilly 14 degrees and icicles hanging off our roof. Lee finds it embarrassing because it means our house is still badly insulated. I find it exciting because it means our house … Continue reading

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Concrete slab

Lee prepped a new site for a concrete slab. Our old well pressure tank is leaning like the old mailbox. Each year it gets a little worse and Lee dreads another winter. It’s also completely exposed to the elements. This … Continue reading

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Snow geese

It snowed here and the geese don’t seem at all phased by the white stuff. They continue to live up to their contrary nature and refuse to spend any time under cover. In fact, I saw them bathing in the … Continue reading

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Cold winter days

It’s cold here! How’s the weather where you are at?

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Mushroom cluster

Each year we get more mushrooms in this spot. It’s where a Hazel nut tree was taken out several years ago. If only it was a group of chanterelle mushrooms instead…

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The Battle of Port Orford

Back in 2009 we had two trees removed from the front of our house. Ever since then, we have been walking around one of the stumps to get to where we park the car. In early 2012, I decided to … Continue reading

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Mailbox stand

The mailbox stand we share with our neighbor has been falling down since we bought the house five years ago. More recently it crossed over the line from dilapidated to disintegrating. Our mail person had to lean awkwardly down from … Continue reading

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The owl came back that hangs around our place. We usually hear it instead of see it.

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Lee’s future office

Lee’s future office has undergone quite the transformation lately. For the past five years it has been the catch-all room for tools and building supplies. A hardware supply room it is no longer. We last worked on this room in … Continue reading

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Hot summer days and warm balmy nights

Once the baby goes to bed, Lee and I have been enjoying some campfires outside. It’s too hot to be indoors and we have a bit of wonky wood to use up. All those pieces which are punky, unsplittable with … Continue reading

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