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Planting spring barley

I have a bad blogging habit of procrastinating until I can present a single complete account of our process and outcome. As a result, my posts tend to sit in the drafts folder for months until I’ve collected all the … Continue reading

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Purple Sprouting broccoli

Yummy!! I get excited every time I see it in the spring after forgetting about it all winter.

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Reducing the chicken flock

Last summer, before I got pregnant, I was going to build a fence by our house and get an area ready for a roadside egg selling station. We had bought chicks to add to our flock in preparation for this. … Continue reading

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Mystery of the missing poultry feed

When you keep livestock you expect to lose a small amount of feed to wildlife. We store our goose ration in an open barn, and the wildlife tax has occasionally been collected by some animal chewing the corner off the … Continue reading

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Catch a gopher by the tail

“Hey Robin, I got the gopher in my trap”!! “Wow, thats big! Let me get the camera. Hmm, I need it held up so I can get the true scale of it’s size”. “Are you putting me in the picture? … Continue reading

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Fruit trees blooming

Some of our fruit trees are blooming. I checked the orchard bee box to see if any of the mason bees had left. Sure enough, I found holes in the tubes so the bees must be out and working. Hopefully … Continue reading

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Oregon grape

Mahonia aquifolium The Oregon grape is blooming along with everything else. Spring is in full splendor here.

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