Purple Sprouting broccoli

Purple Sprouting broccoli

Yummy!! I get excited every time I see it in the spring after forgetting about it all winter.

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6 Responses to Purple Sprouting broccoli

  1. Ali says:

    so. very. jealous.

    • lee says:

      To be honest, we don’t have broccoli this spring because of any advanced planning on our part. When we planted the “out-of-date seed” bed in the garden last year, Robin mixed up summer broccoli with winter broccoli, so we had a block of leafy plants that just sat there all summer. They were swarmed with aphids in the fall, pecked by chickens all winter, and still managed to knock out a decent crop of broccoli in April.

  2. Snowbrush says:

    I bet it gets excited to see you too. I know Peggy and I do. BTW, why is there nothing to click to receive responses? Does everyone automatically receive responses whether they give a rip or not?

    • lee says:

      Our blog is not set up to send response notices. I’ve considered adding a plug in to do this, but it hasn’t happened yet.

  3. EGB says:

    ..wow, I am 6 pages of archives behind…time flies when you are avoiding responsibility!

    I got to quickly peruse your wares ( in the form of posts) while looking for the spot where I fell off the face of the earth..I can’t wait to see all of the details but the initial pictures looked great. It is funny how a year ( or more…DON’T JUDGE!) can seem so little when stepping back into a comfortable place..as in coming back to your blog with a smile as I quickly go back in history (not reverse walking over your favorite recliner).

    My references are still odd.

    • lee says:

      Well, there’s no need for a sense of responsibility but it’s nice to see you back. It’s like getting the band back together. ­čÖé

      We’ve been pretty out of the loop for the last couple years too, sporadically posting, etc. I sometimes think about starting a new blog with a different focus or moving to a different platform. Kids these days like pictures and no text.

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