Concrete slab

Lee prepped a new site for a concrete slab. Our old well pressure tank is leaning like the old mailbox. Each year it gets a little worse and Lee dreads another winter. It’s also completely exposed to the elements.

Gravel prep

This is the first time Lee has worked with concrete. He wasn’t thrilled with the outcome but it will do. He followed the instructions on the bag in regards to how much water to mix with the crete. It came out too thick and was hard to settle. The two bags where he accidentally put in an extra quart of water turned out much smoother and nicer.

Concrete slab

Long term, this pad will be inside a utility building. Until then, we are building a little 4 foot high insulated cover to protect the well hardware. We finished the frame, but then the weather turned nasty and the plumbing, siding, and insulation are on hold.

Water tank cover framing

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4 Responses to Concrete slab

  1. Snowbrush says:

    I’ve done so much of that kind of thing, and I even miss it, but when a person isn’t experienced at a job that has to be done with speed, it’s not a good situation.

    • lee says:

      Yeah, I should have done a slightly smaller slab for my first attempt. This one was 900 lbs of dry concrete. It’s 4″ thick and has rebar mesh in the middle. I used a concrete vibrator to settle it, which also worked better in the slightly thinner mix.

  2. ShimFarm says:

    Looking good! I remember the photo from your old tank, it was leaning precariously…

    Hopefully your weather is cooperating again.

    We’ve had our fair share of mortar and concrete work. We even have a rebar bender, another tool we’ll probably never use again. One day when I’m bored (!), I’ll put up a post on what I’ve affectionately dubbed our “bomb shelter”, a little addition that will become a glassed-in entry.

    Like most things we do, it was total-overkill, but the rebar bending was fun, and so was using the concrete vibrator.

    • robin says:

      I love it that you have a rebar bender. Of course you would. Hahaaahahaaaaaa.

      The weather has became nicer and Lee has been trenching for the new plumbing runs. It’s gotten to the point that you can’t flush the toilet and wash your hands at the same time because it turns off the water tank. Good times.

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