Wild goose chase

Lee wanted to leg band our original four geese and their one stupid offspring before the current year’s crop of goslings grew up. You can’t tell who is who when they are adults as Toulouse geese all look alike.

The wild domesticated goose chase started with seventeen lumbering angry geese rushing towards me when we cornered them. It was a little intimidating, at least to me, so we decided to divide and conquer. That worked slightly better but the fatties were still too fast. Lee whipped up a makeshift crook from hazelnut limbs and wire. He managed to crook two of them and basically squished the other three on the ground so I could catch them. By the fifth goose I was a little sad we were done, as I was having a lot of fun chasing and holding them.

We used black zip ties to mark the geese because the feed store leg bands were too small. The two males were banded on the right leg and the three females on their left. (We mostly guessed at the gender based on size.) I believe Lee has plans this fall for some goose dinners. At least I hope he does, because seventeen geese is a little much.

Geese doing nothing important

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7 Responses to Wild goose chase

  1. Elliee k says:

    My dad always had a long stiff wire and bent a hook at the end, he could slide the wire into the group and hook the one he wanted, worked well for geese or chickens. There was a lot of Squacking when one realized he was caught.

  2. Stephen Andrew says:

    Wait to read this when the geese aren’t around: cooooook them. I want to read all about goose cookery. I even have the official “Goose Pot”! Although it’s never been christened with an actual goose.

  3. CathyLee says:

    We eat all our excess geese. I had trouble keeping bands on them so will just try to make sure I get this years done while I can tell the difference.

    Although I freeze a few whole carcasses I freeze most in boneless split breasts or in vacuum packs with a pair of legs each. Legs are used in one of a few slow cooker dishes and the split breasts are generally cooked with sous vide, browned briefly, and thin sliced.

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