Crash, down came the shack shed

The rotting shed behind our house finally came down. All it took was a chainsaw, a tow cable and a truck to pull it over.

Shack shed

There was so much dry rot that I’m not sure how it lasted this long. We are still working on picking up all the pieces, but we are really liking the new open space in the backyard.

Down for the count

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4 Responses to Crash, down came the shack shed

  1. Snowbrush says:

    Maybe you could have simply kicked it over. For future reference, I have an old manual wire puller that I’ve used to pull things. On one occasion a housetrailer and on another a tree. I’ve used an eight foot long cheater bar in that thing and still haven’t found its upper limit.

    • robin says:

      Lee did kick the shed once to see if it would topple over. I think he was a little disappointed it didn’t collapse as it would of made a good story. It’s not every day you can boast of kicking down a shed…

    • lee says:

      I have a pair of come-alongs that also would have worked to pull over the shed. The problem was not the act of knocking it down but the colossal mess that remains afterwards. Hauling all of it to the dump in my 7′ pickup bed would have taken a dozen trips.

  2. ShimFarm says:

    I see those old cedar shingles on the roof and I rub my hands together…I bet they made amazing kindling! Or did you have to haul all of it to the dump?

    I bet you’re enjoying all that open space! Any plans to replace it?

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