What’s in the garden?

April is officially over and soon it will be time to plant warm weather crops. Is there a veggie plant you always have to grow? We can’t seem to live without garlic.

Muddy kid

Currently, we have the following crops in our garden:

Cheddar Orange Cauliflower
Vitaverde Cauliflower
Bilko (Napa) Cabbage
Dinosaur Kale
Finocchio Fennel
Veronica Broccoli
Assorted greens
Copra Onions
Walla Walla Sweet Onions
*La Ratte Fingerling
*German Butterball
*Mountain Rose
*Yukon Gold
*German Red
*Unnamed variety from a friend

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4 Responses to What’s in the garden?

  1. Bill Gauch says:

    We always plant a couple varieties of tomatoes. I’ll also usually do a Spring and Fall crop of greens and we always have some purple and green pole beans.

    I have finally given up planting onions because I keep getting behind on weeds. In the close plantings that I use for my onions, I can’t use anything mechanical to weed. The only way to weed them is on my hands and knees, getting assaulted by mosquitoes. And my garlic has been producing less and less every year, so I gave up on that too this year. One thing I am trying this year is some 2-row malting barley.

    • robin says:

      I hate those pesky mosquitoes our in the garden. I feel like our growing list changes somewhat as the years go by. Starting out I always grew beans. I haven’t done that in a few years. I like to grow squash but I feel like I never use them fully. I’ve come to accept that we grow some things just because we like to. Lee is going to try out rice this year just because.

  2. Ann says:

    LOL, looks like Sidney planted herself this year. Nothing like playing in the muck to keep a kid happy.

    We always do potatoes, because…french fries?!?! Eric is french, so it’s a must. They are a Bintje hybrid, and yes, they do make awesome fries. I didn’t get the garlic in the ground last fall, but we’ve let our new neighbours plant a big plot on our property, so I think that takes the onus off me to plant some, doesn’t it?

    This year I’ll do cherry tomatoes, hot peppers, my herbs, and maybe green beans. Eric has agreed to cut back on the potatoes and give me a bit more room. It’s like and ebb and flow every season. Sometimes I’m not in the mood and do the basics, and some years, I get the seed catalogues and want to go nuts. This spring has been super-cold and we’re already behind. Fingers crossed for our summer. We went to check the asparagus today and maybe tomorrow we’ll have our first spears. (I also went to check on our big barn, and well, half of the south side is now missing. More about that on my blog soon!)

    We put a big concrete border around our vegetable bed last year and don’t you know it, it still has to be weeded! Every year I promise to do a better job, and most years the mosquitoes get the better of me.

    It looks like you have things well under control. And yes, it’s important to try new things, just for the fun of it! Keep us posted.

    • robin says:

      That ebb and flow of gardening seems much more natural to me. When we first started gardening Lee would freak out that we weren’t getting everything in on time. Then we started noticing things we didn’t use or really like. We have an odd mix of things we grow just because we like to and things that are a staple. I have to grow amaranth, sunflowers, and pumpkins. They make me ridiculously happy but it doesn’t add much to veggie eating. Lee is obsessed with growing potatoes (two rows this year because I wasn’t on the “whoa now” ball) and grains of some sort. Herbs are a must now because of Lee’s cooking. I haven’t intensely looked at a seed catalog in probably three years. (Lee did that this year.)

      It’s raining this weekend so no goofing off in the garden. It needs weeded and more rototilling to prep for the hot weather veggies. Early this year I felt really on the ball. Now…not so much. ­čÖé Enjoy your asparagus. Lee made me leave our patch alone because I kept eating it every time I went to the garden. It’s probably one of my favorite veggies.

      Sidney has a part of the garden all set up for her to play in. I will have to finish that post. She planted different things in it but the mud pit she made by the brassicas was by far the highlight of the month.

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