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Four dead trees removed

Late last summer four Port Orford Cedar trees by our house died from a root fungus disease. We weren’t very surprised, since one Port Orford had already died of the same problem in 2012. Our tree guy took two down … Continue reading

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Fence line clearing and building

The north property line fence was finished this February. We had very mild weather this winter so I cleared a lot of blackberries and Lee took down a lot of wild hazelnut trees. Sidney got overdosed on cartoons one night … Continue reading

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Crash, down came the shack shed

The rotting shed behind our house finally came down. All it took was a chainsaw, a tow cable and a truck to pull it over. There was so much dry rot that I’m not sure how it lasted this long. … Continue reading

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Burn piles

Two burn piles gone and 3 more to go. It’s raining again so I am going to have to wait until the remaining ones dry out.

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The Battle of Port Orford

Back in 2009 we had two trees removed from the front of our house. Ever since then, we have been walking around one of the stumps to get to where we park the car. In early 2012, I decided to … Continue reading

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Garbage story

The yearly trash round-up happened a few weeks ago. Considering how much garbage was once piled on our land, we will be picking up debris for years to come. I decided to make a story for some of the pieces … Continue reading

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One less Port Orford Cedar

Saturday we had some professional arborists remove a dead tree near our house. We have spent the last 4 years believing that our big grove of trees contained only Douglas Firs and Western Red Cedars. The tree guys took one … Continue reading

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Spring brings lots to do

During this past weekend and early week, Lee and I were happily busy with outdoor chores. Then I got a bloody cold, and we have been cooling our heels and watching the rain pour down. Evil the rooster had his … Continue reading

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Quick kitchen spruce up

A couple weeks ago I was glumly staring at the filthy walls in our kitchen. We don’t want to put much effort and time into fixing up the kitchen since the whole thing will be gutted in a couple more … Continue reading

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Nice weather makes our house sulk

Last week our little corner of the Northwest enjoyed a long stretch of beautiful days that belied the early February date. It was the sort of warm and sunny weather that makes you feel obligated to drop all those pressing … Continue reading

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