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Hidden treasures amid the blackberry vines

Lee has been making steady and slow progress removing blackberry vines by our house. This is a before picture. These are some after pictures. But, you can’t have a cleanup job around here without finding some hidden treasure. Somebody needs … Continue reading

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How to clear out wild blackberry vines

Lee has found a new use for his 8″ grape hoe. It works amazingly well for cutting through the thick stems of the blackberries and even small branches. He makes sure to sharpen the blade every time before use and … Continue reading

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Sprucing up around the place

It finally got hot over here. It’s funny how when the good weather hits Oregon every one starts doing yard chores that were postponed during the wet times. We got a lot of really wet late rains this year that … Continue reading

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Of branches, vines, and bleeding hearts

We are slowly getting ready for some more fencing projects. This new fence line will run from the corner of the garden to the chicken pen. It will be around 200 feet. Unfortunately, there was a huge pile of limbs … Continue reading

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Using wood scrap

Lee and I have been working on processing the wood scrap coming out of our house project. Most of the wood we are just cutting down to size so it will fit into our wood stove. It should burn very … Continue reading

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Ceiling destruction

The last of the plywood ceiling in the living room was taken off. We managed to not get beamed on the head by four pieces of wood left up in the ceiling. There wasn’t as many mouse nests which was … Continue reading

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Log stacking

Back in April we had two Port Orford cedar trees fallen in front of our house. Since that day we have just been walking over them to get to the front door. I jokingly referred to the fallen trees as … Continue reading

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Hazel nut cleanup in the future chicken pen

There was a small grove of wild Hazel nut trees in the future chicken pen. These wouldn’t normally be on the top of our list for cutting down, but they interfered with our planned chicken fence line and needed to … Continue reading

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Timber! Take two

We needed another tree taken out before we continued on the chicken fencing project. When we had the previous tree in that area removed we didn’t realize that there was a second tree dying. This particular tree had a split … Continue reading

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Machete wielding euphoria

This last week we have been doing a lot of clean up around the house. Lee decided that he wanted to start working on the mess where the new fence is going in near the house. I kept telling him … Continue reading

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