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Four dead trees removed

Late last summer four Port Orford Cedar trees by our house died from a root fungus disease. We weren’t very surprised, since one Port Orford had already died of the same problem in 2012. Our tree guy took two down … Continue reading

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Walls galore

I will admit it, I cried just a little when we walked through the house today after the drywall crew had been through. They are supposed to be finished Monday and then the plaster people will start.

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Wild goose chase

Lee wanted to leg band our original four geese and their one stupid offspring before the current year’s crop of goslings grew up. You can’t tell who is who when they are adults as Toulouse geese all look alike. The … Continue reading

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Pickled cauliflower

Eight pints of pickled cauliflower. I make these for me as Lee doesn’t like them. šŸ˜€

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Paper weed block

We are trying out a new weed block this year. We still used the garden bio-film around the tomatoes but decided to use a recycled paper weed block around the peppers. It’s always fun experimenting with new things. The recycled … Continue reading

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Returning to our perches

On March 11th, our turkey vultures returned. I say “our vultures” only because they choose to spend the summer in the tall trees near our house. They may well look down upon us from their perches as “our local two … Continue reading

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Lee and I woke up this morning to a chilly 14 degrees and icicles hanging off our roof. Lee finds it embarrassing because it means our house is still badly insulated. I find it exciting because it means our house … Continue reading

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Cold winter days

It’s cold here! How’s the weather where you are at?

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Mushroom cluster

Each year we get more mushrooms in this spot. It’s where a Hazel nut tree was taken out several years ago. If only it was a group of chanterelle mushrooms instead…

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The owl came back that hangs around our place. We usually hear it instead of see it.

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