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Hot summer days and warm balmy nights

Once the baby goes to bed, Lee and I have been enjoying some campfires outside. It’s too hot to be indoors and we have a bit of wonky wood to use up. All those pieces which are punky, unsplittable with … Continue reading

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New addition at Farm Folly

If you think things have been strangely quiet at Farm Folly lately you’d be right. Last summer Robin started work on a new construction project, the details of which we had been debating for years. We didn’t mention it on … Continue reading

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Fixing a broken chicken waterer

One of the foundations of free market theory is that when consumers and producers can both make free decisions, the market will settle on prices and production levels which maximize the benefit to all individuals involved. While this seems to … Continue reading

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Future little gardener

On Wednesday my little great-nephew came over. I babysit him regularly, and today we went out to the vegetable garden. He had fun helping out, so maybe next year we will have to get him his own little patch to … Continue reading

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The world exploded while we were away on vacation

Lee and I just returned from almost three weeks on the east coast. We had a few blog entries which auto-posted while we were gone, but it was harder to keep up with comments. Sorry if it seemed like we … Continue reading

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Burning electric poles

We ran out of dry wood but the weather is still having cold days where it spits snow. None of it ever stays around, but it makes the house cold. Firewood can be hard to find this late in the … Continue reading

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Note to self: gutters are on the to-do list for this summer.

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The very good bad year

Blogs share an incomplete portrait of the authors’ lives. Projects are often planned and completed in rapid succession, with no account of the intervening drudgery of late nights and setbacks. Posts may discuss everything from plasterwork to pasture management, while … Continue reading

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Salvaged old growth firewood

Only in Oregon do you find straight grain old growth wood sold as firewood. We had some wood delivered last week and Lee was surprised at the quality. The guy who sold it salvages beams from old mills and schools … Continue reading

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Preparing for cold weather

At the first sign of cold weather, I dig out my wool hat and wear it everywhere. When the olive oil freezes on the kitchen counter, it’s time to stoke up the woodstove. As a placebo, we brought home a … Continue reading

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