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Recreating historic window trim

Part of the charm of our run-down old 1937 farm house is in its exterior details. As we replace old windows with new windows, we have been very careful to match the original look with the new look. Our focus … Continue reading

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This old house

I’m certainly no Bob Villa.  I’ll even admit to sitting at a desk in my day job.  But if you do a bit of reading on home construction topics, you realize that there is a central theme to it called … Continue reading

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Old homes have stood the test of time

Or .. maybe they just got lucky.  I’m still trying to figure out which category our house falls into.  Each new wall we expose reveals new mysteries to decipher.  Today brought two of them.  Tearing down drywall in the stairwell … Continue reading

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Feeling a little pink?

Lee and I worked on ripping apart the second upstarts bedroom. We uncovered more lath and plaster. This time we discovered that it had been painted a pale pink. I wonder if this means that I am going to have … Continue reading

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I like the glass globe in the first picture. It looks interesting and old to me. Yes I do realize that this is not an 1937 light globe. I do plan on reusing it when renovations are redone. It will … Continue reading

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Of lath and plaster

I’ve heard it said that removing lath and plaster from an old house is a sin.  That may be true.  There is a element of permanence and the skilled labor in plastered walls which drywall does not convey.  So why … Continue reading

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