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Candied jalapeño peppers

Twenty two half-pints of candied jalapeño peppers later and I’m still not sure we have enough. They are a favorite staple in our pantry. Does anyone have a favorite way to use their jalapeños?

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Beauty and the practical beast

Today I put the sauerkraut I started at the beginning of the month into pint jars. The wine kraut fermented in a two-dollar two-gallon food grade bucket with an airlock. The regular sauerkraut fermented in a 10 liter Harsch crock … Continue reading

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I always feel overwhelmed by the cabbage when it is time to harvest. Nobody wants to eat cabbage for a week straight (like we practically did with the cauliflower). I decided to make two batches of sauerkraut so we now … Continue reading

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Things we forgot to mention in 2012

Somehow 2012 has snuck by and there was a boatload of stuff we didn’t blog about. Here’s some of the highlights. The sauerkraut I made back in June turned out well. I was nervous about making kraut so I used … Continue reading

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Cauliflower of prodigious size

Our cauliflower this year was huge. They were planted in a bed that had been sheet composted with chicken manure and you could tell the plants were happy. I wanted to try pickling some again this year but I decided … Continue reading

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Rustic cherry tarts

Our cherries are ripe! We ended up getting over three quarts from our sweet cherry tree and the birds picked the rest. I can’t wait to see what our harvest will be next year. I harvested about 2 cups worth … Continue reading

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Making sauerkraut for the first time

I started my first batch of sauerkraut today. I have been watching the cabbage grow but was unsure when to pick them. The answer I found online: when the heads are hard. I immediately went out and harvested two. We’ve … Continue reading

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Don’t eat all your mistakes

There’s a fairly common mantra in homesteading circles: “You can always eat your mistakes.” This is most often applied to livestock ownership, such as when a breed turns out to be poorly suited to your property or management style. When … Continue reading

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Using the whole pumpkin

“Hey Lee, I feel like something sweet. I think I’ll make a pumpkin pie.” Don’t you just hate those after-dinner dessert cravings? I had some pumpkins sitting around clogging up valuable real estate space on my table, so it was … Continue reading

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I can bake!

The title of this post may seem a little silly, until you realize I don’t have an oven. When we moved into our house three years ago, the first thing we did was cut the electric and gut most of … Continue reading

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