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New baby chicks

Last winter we barely got any eggs so it was time to get some new chicks. The new peep cheepers are in the brooder house getting fat and sassy.

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Corn pile of geese

We harvested Lee’s field corn a few weeks ago. I raked up all the corn stalks afterward and made piles for the geese. At the end of every day the geese had devoured almost every bit of it. Next year … Continue reading

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Expanded goose pen

A month ago we expanded the goose pen with polywire and fiberglass posts. The geese were busy and the pen doesn’t look quite as lush any more.

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Baby chicks

One of our hens hatched out eight Ameraucana chicks. We added six more chicks we got from a farm store. Four are Delaware and two are Minorcas. The mother hen didn’t seem to notice when she woke up with extra … Continue reading

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Baby goslings

We had seven goslings hatch out on Monday. All the male geese took up waiting outside the hatching shelter on the weekend so we knew they were coming soon. The males also stopped eating, trashing their pool, and wandering around … Continue reading

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Snow geese

It snowed here and the geese don’t seem at all phased by the white stuff. They continue to live up to their contrary nature and refuse to spend any time under cover. In fact, I saw them bathing in the … Continue reading

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The gosling chronicles

This past month our four geese turned into three geese. We still had four geese in the pen, but one decided to hatch some goslings. She stayed on her nest faithfully while the other three geese palled around. She built … Continue reading

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Reducing the chicken flock

Last summer, before I got pregnant, I was going to build a fence by our house and get an area ready for a roadside egg selling station. We had bought chicks to add to our flock in preparation for this. … Continue reading

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Mystery of the missing poultry feed

When you keep livestock you expect to lose a small amount of feed to wildlife. We store our goose ration in an open barn, and the wildlife tax has occasionally been collected by some animal chewing the corner off the … Continue reading

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Hens with a mind of their own

We’ve got hens with major attitude this year. The small chicken pen (AKA goose pen or pig pen) by our house has a lot of trees around it so the soil tends to stay loose and loamy. The trees also … Continue reading

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