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Goodbye old friend

Jasper quietly went to sleep at the vets office on Monday. He was 20 years old. We adopted him in 2004 at an animal rescue in Phoenix, AZ. We were there to help a friend pick out a cat. I … Continue reading

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Things we forgot to mention in 2012

Somehow 2012 has snuck by and there was a boatload of stuff we didn’t blog about. Here’s some of the highlights. The sauerkraut I made back in June turned out well. I was nervous about making kraut so I used … Continue reading

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Lovey dovey moovy groovy with a touch of danger

Our slightly lame one eyed adopted stray cat Jack has turned into a deadly weapon. She has reliably been leaving one rodent a day by our back porch to show she is earning her keep. She doesn’t bring them all … Continue reading

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Jasper’s butt

Jasper had an abscess that exploded on my hand when I picked him up. It was REALLY gross. I brought him in to the vet, returned with more drugs then should be legal, and now we have a cat with … Continue reading

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Sneaky little manure spreader

I’m washing dishes when I notice somebody broke into my oatmeal boxes. My first clue something was wrong was shredded paper. I thought that was weird until I realized the individual oatmeal packets had holes in them and oatmeal was … Continue reading

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Dogage disposal system

Since the pigs are gone, there’s a serious risk that vegetable scraps could start piling up in the kitchen. Thankfully, we have a pair of highly efficient biological garbage disposal units. To activate disposal, drop a scrap of vegetable on … Continue reading

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A Jack’s life

HELLO JACK? WHATCHA DOING? I was sleeping you moron. Go away. BUT JACK JACK!! Okay fine, I’ll stop pestering you.

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Aggie has talent

Aggie’s breeder had an English Shepherd gathering at her place. One of the activities planned that day was a duck herding course. We signed Aggie up, I was sweating bullets she was going to eat one, and then Lee took … Continue reading

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Seed massacre

Somebody got in trouble at our house. Lee and I came back from town and we found a mess. There was dirt on the couch, dirt on Lee’s desk, dirt in our shoes, dirt basically from one end of the … Continue reading

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Squirrels taunting Jack

She had five squirrels teasing her at one point. The squirrels would turn their backs to Jack and pretend that they didn’t know she was there. They would let her get about two feet away before they would scurry off. … Continue reading

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