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Kitchen progress

Work has been steady over here and projects are starting to get close to wrapping up. The kitchen is nearly complete. The counter tops and window sills were installed last Friday. They are Silestone composite quartz. The pulls and knobs … Continue reading

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Misadventures in water

They came. They drilled. They left a huge mess. But sadly, they did not find the water we were looking for. The whole point of this exercise was to find rust free water. All of our neighbors have clean water, … Continue reading

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Work in progress

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Upstairs floor

The upstairs flooring is done. Trim work, tiling, cabinets, and staining is happening this week.

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Looking for water

On Friday the well diggers came and went down 20 feet without finding bedrock. They also didn’t find much surface water, which is surprising as the river is about 400 feet away from where we are drilling.

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Insulation details

With all the remodeling going on we haven’t given up on our super insulated goal. All the downstairs 2×4 walls were furred out to 6.25″ thick. Each bay was filled in with a layer of 0.75″ foil-coated EPS foam board, … Continue reading

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Paint chips

The whole house has a coat of primer and the ceilings in most rooms were painted today. Tomorrow they will start painting the walls. We are going to paint the upstairs bedrooms and bath ourselves this weekend. We would have … Continue reading

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Plaster was finished today

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Walls galore

I will admit it, I cried just a little when we walked through the house today after the drywall crew had been through. They are supposed to be finished Monday and then the plaster people will start.

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I’m still not feeling warm

The insulation is in and drywall starts on Friday. Why is picking paint colors so hard?

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