Cleanup Report

As was evident from our first post, cleanup of our new home has been a rather extensive undertaking. This page is a running tally of the extent and costs of the cleanup so far.  Time spent, both by ourselves and a number of very helpful volunteers, was too extensive to track.


  • 1 twenty-yard drop box weighing 3.83 tons ($418.95)
  • 9.5 pickup truck loads to the dump ($148.00)
  • 2 recycle bins of chemicals taken to hazardous waste pick-up
  • 1 refrigerator ($15)
  • 3 tires ($7)


  • 2 truck loads of rigid plastic (460 lbs)
  • 2 truck loads of mixed metal
  • 1 truck load of milk jugs
  • 1 truck load of mixed plastic, glass, paper products
  • 1/2 truck load of glass and aluminum products


  • 2 yard sales
  • 3 pickup truck loads and one car load to GoodWill
  • Some toys and housewares kept and given away to family members
  • 4 feral cats fixed at WAG ($200)

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